Quebrada del Cóndor

April 16th, 17th,18th 2013

We had some amazing fishing days with a great group of people from Australia, Susan Baddeley, Stephen Baddeley, Suzanne Pemberton and Michael Pemberton. The first day we went to Tunuyan's Arroyo Grande, clear skies and some of the most beautiful spring weather (although we're in autum right now). 

We started teaching new technics in these fast waters, nymphs with indicators and also dry flies. These technics are hard at the begining because the indicator moves upstream but you don't feel anything in your hand or rod, so it's tricky to hook up those fast trout, but once you get used to the speed of the water, fishing begins!!

We had several strikes and caught a few rainbows in the morning, then we had lunch at "Puesto Guiñazu" just by the river shore, good food and some exquisite Malbec wine. Wild scenery and wild life surrounding us. In the afternoon we had more strikes on the nymphs, we caught some rainbows again, we finished the day around 18:00 hs. We headed back to Posada Salentein to rest for day two...

The second day we went to a private Estancia, where there's a tiny creek called Rainbrook. This creek it's quite technical, you have to control your cast and line all the time because of the small dimension of the water. Precise casting and line control, and when you do everything right... there are some amazing trout as your reward.

There were lots of Brook trout in the small pools, they were getting ready for spawning. There were also some big rainbows in the darker pools, waiting for food. The photos are a reflect of what happened during day two and three, great fights and even better photos and memories...

Therefore the rivers were in excellent condition for fly fishing, clear, the right temperature, insects hatching and in addition good company with new friends, allowing us to enjoy those fishing days surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Mendoza.