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Pablo Rodrigo Perez, Benito Perez's son, (founder of Mendoza Fly Shop), he grew up among fly fishermen and like playing a game; he caught his first trout in 1978 with a fly. He began to work as a Fly Fishing guide in 1993 in Mendoza and in the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia. He developed Orvis in Cuyo region due to his work promoting events and teaching curses. In 2004 he becomes the Founder President of the Mendocinian Fly Fishing Asosiation, Orvis Field Tester Rods & Reels, Casting Instructor International Federation of Fly Fishers Currently he's the CEO and and Head Guide of Mendoza Fly Shop, He's in charge of numerous fly fishing operations in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico (saltwater). Passionate photographer and creator of local flies. He's one of the most well known guides in Agentina. E-mail

Pablo “Polo” Rossi, Buenos Aires was his home town. He started his studies at the age of 6 in the Cambridge Institute of England. He used to fish different species and in since 1992 he started in the art of Fly Fishing. In 2001 he began to work as a Fly Fishing guide for Mendoza Fly Shop in Patagonia Argentina, He became and experienced Fly Fishing guide and instructor due to his perseverance and many river hours, offering his clients delicate techniques to fish with nymphs and dries in Mendoza and Patagonia. He used those experiences to write his book “Aguas Rápidas”. Currently he's also a Fly Fishing Instructor for the Benito Pérez School, teaching tying, casting and fishing in rivers and creeks.