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  • It was great, with excellent tuition! 

    Dominic Moorman(Arroyo Yaucha) • Julio de 2014
  • I have fly fished all over the world and I have to say when you fish with the guides from Mendoza Fly Shop you catch lots of beautiful trout and have wonderful time.

    Manager of Corporate Sales
    The Orvis Company, Inc.
    178 Conservation Way
    Sunderland, VT 05250-446

    Mr. Leigh Oliva • Julio de 2014
  • Tumbling off the Andes at this latitude are many streams, and our hosts at the Cavas Wine Lodge secured for me, the services for a day of the local Orvis guide, Pablo Rossi, known as ‘Polo’. But that was after a string of emails enquiring about my fishing competence, and whether I would have my own kit, so their determination to assign me with the right guide was appreciated, and in Polo, I stuck lucky.


    A once, international competitive cyclist, footballing still and superfit at 35, his chosen career was and is in fishing, and he has been with Orvis dealer, Mendoza Fly Shop, for nineteen of those years. How lucky to combine a passion with a career in this way! Wish I had!!

    Our ninety minute drive through Tupungato took us through the winelands which were reminiscent of Franschhoek, and it was exciting to see the confidence in the thousands of lines of new plantings, promising more delights to come!

    But it was the streams of the Valle Uco, 2000 meters above sea level, which interested me more, and Polo explained that few were fishable because of the late snow melt, and our chosen one, was found to be running a little higher than usual, with the slight greyish tint of glacial run-off. Ours was –

    The Arroyo Grande (de la Quebrada), the ironically named ‘Big Creek in the Canyon’


    Polo wanted me to familiarize myself with the short casting technique he recommends, which is the fast stab to get the weighted nymph down quickly, rod held high with the minimum of line on the water, and moving downstream ahead of the fly, and with eyes glued to the small bobble (the ‘thingmebobba, as I think Orvis calls them!) looking for the slightest deviation…I knew it off course, and Brian Easterbrook would have been pleased. The technique is known to the pocket fishers of the US, as well as to the Dart fraternity.

    The deviations were aplenty, and after a while, I learned to lift into them and nicked and hooked frequently, but they are so quick that it was a while before I started catching a myriad of beautiful little wild rainbows, the biggest probably little more than 1/2lb. And I christened my new Greys XF2 Streamflex 7’ 3#, and Streamlite reel, in the process.

    Casting alongside every bit of fast water, into every eddy and quiet water meant that we only covered a couple of hundred meters of water, but all morning the fish were active. Lunch was as good as Seb’s and presented with the same panache!

    The afternoon was spent half a mile downstream and in similar conditions and suddenly at 4pm. it went quiet…so it was back to Cavas Lodge to brag about my day…thanks, Polo…you are a credit to Orvis, who are lucky to have you.

    Tony Mair(London-England) • Julio de 2014
  • As for comments on the actual trip....You were an excellent guide.  Both very nice while providing great conversation and insightful about the intricate nature of the river. I have never fished water like that before, but you quickly put my mind at ease.  I had a great time.  I was thankful that the apprentice was there to help me with my millions of snags.  It felt like my fly was a snag magnet, oh, well.  I would have liked to catch bigger fish but the experience for me was rewarding.  Looking up at the beautiful scenery and then back at this rushing white water only to realize that there, hiding in a small pocket were beautiful trout.  

    You changed the flies regularly when one was not working and took the time to explain your reasoning behind each change. To me that is important, because it is the only way I will gain a better understanding of fly fishing and the nature of the fly and the fish.

    As for lunch, I really enjoyed the food provided.  I do love cured meat and cheese, so you had me when that was the meal.  I was

    under the assumption that an asado was included, especially when you mentioned there was more food.  I do expect a tad more then an empanada.  Luckily, I was full because I stuffed my face with so much meat and cheese.  Overall, the food was great, the wine

    and beer delicious, and the conversation intriguing.  I can't ask for more then that.

    Thank you for providing my dad and I with a wonderful day. 

    Erin Heinken(USA) • Julio de 2014
  • Hi Polo - Now that we are home and settled in, we wanted to send a note of thanks to you for taking us fishing. We had an amazing time and the scenery could not have been better.

    Please feel free to use us as a reference if you ever need it.

    All the best,

    Jon and Marisa Rood(New York-USA) • Julio de 2014
  • Good afternoon Exequiel.

    I'm thinking today might have been better for catching fish but in no way any more enjoyable than yesterday. I was extremely pleased with your instruction, especially since I had never fished with wet flies and a strike indicator. You respected my abilities (limited as they are) and your encouragement was helpful in my having a better understanding of what I need to do to improve my casting and ability to hook a fish.

    I have probably had as many as five fly-fishing lessons. Your instruction was the best I have received.

    Thank you for a memorable day. I sincerely hope our paths cross in the future. Your mother must be very proud of you - I would be.

    Pat Luce(Washington-USA) • Julio de 2014
  • Fly Fishing in Mendoza – A perfect day angling for Trout in the Andes

    Many people talk about fly fishing and Argentina in the same breath, often conjuring up images of big sea trout fishing in Tierra del Fuego or Dorado in the North. But here in Mendoza, there is fantastic fishing right on the doorstep.

    When I decided to visit Argentina, I knew I wanted to fly fish, but I couldn’t quite fit Patagonia into my itinerary. I need not have worried – I had awesome day fishing near a village called El Manzano Histórico-Tunuyán, about 1.5 hours outside Mendoza. I am relatively new to the joys of fly fishing, and this day out has me totally hooked on the pastime!

    My guide and instructor for the day were Pablo “Polo” Rossi and his assistant Dardo from Mendoza Fly Shop, I was collected from the hotel and driven to the river; Pablo’s 4×4 was crammed with all the rods, flies and equipment we needed for the day’s fishing. Pablo spoke perfect English (imperative since my Spanish doesn’t stretch much beyond “buenos dias”!) and we discussed the day ahead on the way up to the hills.

    It was a perfect day for fishing: sunny and warm, stunning blue skies, fast flowing Andean ice melt, and dramatic scenery. There was no one else around, apart from the odd Gaucho. The scene was set; all I had to do now was catch some fish!

    In the morning we fished up stream, up and down the steep banks, in and out of the water. We fished using a nymph that Pablo had tied himself. It was very successful – I was getting a lot of strikes – but I was struggling to hook them. The guys gave me some useful tips and instruction, and I started to land some trout, much to my huge enjoyment.

    At the appropriate moment and spot in the river, we switched to a dry fly. This was to be the most enjoyable part of the day, sight fishing with a dry fly. Watching the trout come after it and jump at the fly is something else, and I now appreciate why some of my friends are addicted to fly fishing – and this is its purest form!

    We stopped for lunch, and Pablo and Dardo set up a beautiful picnic table and provided so much food, not even I could finish it all off – although I had a good go at the Malbec.

    The afternoon was much the same having moved downstream and then working our way back upstream to the car. The trout were biting and I was landing as many as I could. All were released, but I did take some photos to prove I was not the only one hooked!

    Over a cold beer, Pablo and I discussed the day. He admitted he was fortunate enough to have fished all over the world, but that this little fast flowing river outside Mendoza was still his single favorite spot – and I can certainly see why.


    Russell Iles(London-England) • Julio de 2014